Free Dance Concept

Free Dance Concept

Idea and inspiration: Onipaa Jaisu, Otti Kitzler & Sybil Amber © 2011

Dating back to the sixties of the 20th century, free dance was developed by Otti and me. According to the concept of free jazz, namely to abandon all learned and acquired knowledge by letting the heart and the body remember, free dance is a leaning on all known movements combined by a dancing individual according to music. Stressing stochastic interpretation of bodily expression, free dance first of all means to gather profound knowledge of one’s own muscles, sinews, or nerves, as well as gaining experience in moving by learning how to induce a physical response to the rhythms heard, sounds, melodies, chords, noises – in short: everything heard and felt.

Basically it is not possible to lose rhythm, but of course it is. I advise to free dancers to play an instrument, like a guitar or violin, or a piano, percussion, congas, drums – it will shape one’s individual style, always. Free dance means to feel vibrations, odors, all apperceptions on a moment-to-moment basis and it signifies to enqueue each of these elementary dance moments into a flow of a dancer's mind and feel determined moments. Free dance is a practice of interpretation as is Jazz (free jazz, farmers’ jazz, church jazz, paint jazz, talk jazz, etc.). Free dance needs a lot of concentration and it should produce verve. It is very important to let the body do what it wants for music on a daily basis, for at least ten minutes a day. [...] For now, I refuse to go into theory. Free dance is always unique and bound to an individual's bodily instrument. Practise!

© 2011


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