In Muzak


My relationship to music never was a declared one, as I am born so. With it I mean, music was and is always there. Everything ahs sounds for me, it is in my head as in somebody else's pictures in imaginations or dreams. Human beings move, and I hear their sound. Human beings do something and I hear a sound. Some human beings have typical sound when doing special things. I can describe it with musical memes. I find it very interesting to know who is around by sounds memes only. Maybe, I can develop this to a theory sometime in my life. 

I started to listen to music and occupy myself with new melodies and contexts. In the 90ies I used to go and dance to Roxy and in this Fluc club on Praterstern in Vienna. I danced and used the kind of techno beatz to move for hours and find out what it can do for me. I discovered it can change my heartbeatz, blood pressure, and biochemistry therefore. A kind of altered state of being and consciousness developed somehow, on fast blood circulation. That was before I learned Method Acting and thought about consciousness or computers. I delivered myself to waves of tunes and clouds of sound. I didn't know before as actively playing music and producing tunes.

I changed my own sounds by changing my bio and invented new sound combinations, in case the terrorists can hear my sounds. Currently, I am using music to dance in gym much:



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