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Sybil's New Album "Jumps"

Sybil  In 2017, I began to work for my muzak album titled Jumps. The muzak concept is different compared to "The Razorblade" Psychedlic Beat style on The Razorblade, 1987 and Sampler The 3rd Man - Vienna Underground 87, Title "Baby". Hundreds of recordings on tape are left, as are rehearsal and gig videos of i. e. Chelsea Club, Donauinsel, Titanic or Arena Open Air. Similar to the 10 Years WUK Sampler 1997, Title "Vienna Underground" by The J. E. W. S., and "We Are Born To Love" - I sang, my muzak will be entertaining and set on danceability. By the end of the 1990ies, friends and I produced videos of accelerations of movements and song by the support of my method acting training, before I travelled to Hollywood, CA.

Current titles for the album Jumps are "Jumps", "Sage (The Slave)", "Baby" (Novel), "Tis Mornin" (Relax Release), "City Call", "La Brea (Streetwise)", "Obstacles", "I Feel So (Happy About It)", "Give Me Your Pin Code", "Space Me", "Neoteric" (3rd Millenium App), "I hear you (HLYWD BLVD)", "Pearl Tears", "Warehouse Pops", "Need Some Nice (Things In Life)", "Con Deacy", "Xtra Interjection", "Reveal The Mess (Of Letters, Slightly)", "Junction Touch" and "Win Comforter".

When I was small I had to learn, that there are more things in the world than Jazz: Music, for instance, Mozart, Blues, and more variations of sounds and life. I was tought to play classical guitar from seventh year on, and sang in the school choire. I don't know what it means "to speak about it", namely muzak. I spent much time with my guitar and singing, as well as being in the rehearsal room recording bass, guitar, voice and drums, which is the language or the message. My motivation in muzak is to give the human beings enjoyment and entertainment in a gig, concert or club to make them feel good and forget their problems. Muzak is a tool to create peace and connectivity by sounds and songs to spend a nice time for some hours.

The Razorblade

The Razorblade - The Razorblade, 1987

 The 3rd man Sampler 1987

 The 3rd Man - The Razorblade: Baby, 1987

WUK Sampler 1993

10 Years WUK - The J. E. W.S.: Vienna Underground, 1993


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Sybil Amber

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 Sybil 2018 Jumps


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