City Call 2017.2

City Call - infotainment, speaking out and dance document a community's idea of living in a third millennium city. City Call shows Chidike's journey from Africa to his imagined Europe of democracy and freedom living connectivity to create peace. City Call is a docutain - documentary and entertainment - film production telling Chidike's fictious story to the audience about real life and the backgrounds of acquiring new ideas, views and concepts in a host society.

City Call is a project to build bridges between cultures and makes understandable what is behind concepts, labels or titles. Translating socioculture by documenting concepts or contexts of communication via language and speaking, as well as motion is very interesting to be shown in pictures. The synthesis of moving pictures and sound provide unique moments to perceive unknown or unacquainted contents of windows of life, as fiction invites the audience to perceive new experiences. CC was developed as an idea throughout some years of sharing private life and togetherness, parties, learning how to cook, speaking, playing snooker and dancing. Additionally, reports, videos, articles, and more material serve imagination, orientation and the location of topics, as well as problems. The story was developed by reading newspaper articles and watching the media. The two protagonists are fictive proponents of action. Little clips and photography tests show the dynamics of composition and movements and they support the development of takes and scenes to see what is typical, good and interesting in context with living in the city and African community.

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