Bronsislaw 2017.1

Initially, this fiction and comedy film was drafted by my nephews Jack and Joni Viktorik and me in the year 2000. I taught them about researchers and how they work and find out what is going on among human beings. They were only four and two years old, but we started to learn production, being on the set and acting from baby on. Of course, the researcher and his assistant, one called Bronsis, the second Law, was and maybe will be acted by them. 

According to Bronislaw Malinowski's suggestions of participant observation, we developed comedy figures of researchers in the center of action. We started to design the scenes in their village, and cared for what we will wear and laughed much about our ideas. Needless to say, researchers wear acid resistent boot, shorts, T- shirts and cap. For it we watched Simpsons and Borat films.

There is a sketch for the final scene. The tent in the middle of the village. Bronsis and Law sleep in the evening, the sun is going down; seven dead eagles fall from the sky. The context refers to the eagle problem in the little village. 


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