Nobility works

SybilStreetCredibilityOftentimes, I was asked, why aristos wouldn't be occupied in a proper workplace. Compared to previous centuries fights, it's easy life in the third millenium. People think, that we would get up whenever we would want, have luxury breakfast and do zero all day long, spend a fortune in castles, cars, holliday, food, clothes, whatever. The contrary is true: Yes, getting up in the morning should be easy. Breakfast then. The day is structured by things to do: Having an appointment, going out to meet somebody, representing or having meal to business.

In Austria, people ask me why I wouldn't work, oftenly. Truly, I don't know what they want. I mean, I don't stand around in a place and sell something, I am not so visible while working. I started to understand, why they stare at me, when I sit in a compi place and write. Today, I was at medics place and thought about an old idea my nephew had, he wanted to research about the "Sybil Amber Scheme", or "Das Sybil Amber Komplott". Then, I asked somebody to make some documentation pix for street credibility the people want. I don't know exactly why this should be so, but they seem to place a certain importance to it. It's ok, fotos they can have.

And here, the start of the noble working hands series:

SybilHand copy

Problems in life are, for instance, eagles, eagles shit on the window sill, noble appearances with light blond wigs in the gym, sudden guises on the street, threat of life and limb, gardening, Kriminalfalten, perception disturbed people, peonage (body possession forbidden more than a hundred years), and many more. Regular partying, of course.

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