Guess Who!

Remembering a little event in my parents Otti's and Ingrid's house, I hope perfectly, I felt I would like to share it with the people. Many visited my parents house, respectively my house, of course. I was small, when I found mum kneeling in front of a man on her green - white Nigerian kitchen floor. Ingrid begged him to forgive her, but she would need money for herself and her children. I stood next to her, hand folded in the back, and tried to support her as a little lady to give her strength and firmness in her performance. When I was small, I used to ask intelligent questions and they couldn't stop me from it. I didn't dare to address this man from England with a kind face myself, but questioned in German, "Mum, could you ask him please, if Beefeaters have to stand still even if their clothes are pulled off?" She reacted desperate with a knittered face. In German he answered, "Ingrid, Deine Tochter ist viel intelligenter als Du". All the house was silent. I was to small to realize, why mum cried, and added to comfort her, "Money, honey. Wir brauchen Geld". I looked at her, she was changing her habit, deeply sighing. He protected her with his hand over her head, and said,"Ingrid, ich kann Dir nichts geben", and then some words in English I didn't understand, yet. He said something like, that he would sent some people to give my parents more success. I felt ashamed a little, because mum behaved funny. She stood up then, heavy like a stone and thanked him. This is how I learned ruling, and I was and am very proud of it.

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