A Tudor in Camillo - Sitte - Gasse

A year ago or so, I visited the old man, a former journalist, to counsel about something. We drank a beer, I ate some fresh Italian Parmiggiano and the next spaghetti event, respectively the cheese sauce, was fixed. I left in the afternoon, and thought about where to meet my friend. As I walked to the tram station next to Gablenzgasse, I raised my head with the feeling there is somebody standing. I looked into his eyes and realized, that Mr. Tudor was looking around as to find out where he would be.

I stood still immediately, of course, and spoke to him to make him feel safe. "Sir, can I help you? Did you loose your way?" He was not very amused to be recognized. After I answered his question on how I would know him - hair and eyes, I asked, where he would want to go and if he wanted to eat something in the old man's house, some Italian food and chat about Italian politics, or so. Mr. Tudor refused, he seemed confused still at the tram station in this little street in Vienna, where people are rude sometimes. "Are they?", he said. I felt worried, at once, that he would have had a brawl, and tried to find out, if I was to call my nephews. I advised him, to visit them in Lower Austria. He didn't know how to go there, but I offered to call some chauffeur services, I would accompany him. He only had his credit card with him, then he decided to continue strolling through Vienna. He went on, as I took the next tram to go shopping. As a perfect tourist advisor, I felt relaxed.

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