YWP, Yorkshire Wildlife Park is one of the oldest wildlife parks in Europe. Animals from Africa live there since centuries, like lions do. I interjected, these lions would be of Roman origin, because K. Yorkshire said, they were always there. He knows everything about animals, and cares for perfect descriptions on the shields and animal care in the park. He told me about animal life and how they are born, and how exciting it is. They are craving for "an animal without a name" from Western Afri, Biafra. KDot would do all he could for it, to save such an animal - and of course, there should be one for London Zoo, too. A male and a female, at best. They are threatened by terrorism, too. The damage from terrorism in wildlife and plants exceeds billions in this region, which should be protected. And not only the human beings, but also the trees thousands of years old, and the unique animals. I remember, one of these animals sat on my biodaddy's red - white living room table, in Vienna. After they took it away, it died within 24 hours, because of the change of temperature and bad treatment. It has thick fur and it moves like a wave. I was small when that happened before my first schoolday, here is a memory sketch:


This animal lives in the jungle and leaves identifyable traces on ground floor from walking on its short legs. It is a very dangerous animal, because it has kind of magic powers to take control over human beings. Looking into its eyes can make crazy. It has extremly sharp teeth, its bite is deadly. It moves permanently, until it found its place - it needs a hidden place, covered, protected and very warm. These animals are threatened and haven't been seen for years, and people say, that they found traces on the ground as broad as the body is.

YWP - Yorkshire Wildlife Park: 

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