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I remember a time when I was youth, some years ago only. Noble, vibrantly daring, fun, and proud of Asian Khan and Tuareg descent. I don't know how exactly how it goes together, but I am who I am. I liked to visit Move Club each Saturday for 5'o'clock tea to enjoy. When I was around fifteen, I developed an idea remembering my biodaddy Otti's words. I focused on the problem on how to help and support young musicians of African desecent living in this world, who should come to Vienna. Their parents should have been d'accord to pay them holidays and let them stay alone in underage in Vienna, Europe. We simply cared as telling they would live with Otti's children. It was actually a very important topic - being underage or grown - up from 18. Some were over 18, already. They in Move Club cared much for it, because of youth laws. 
I had been learning classical guitar for eight years already, I was singing in the school choire in soprano 1, and loved muzak. My concept was to speak with each musician, to realize what he or she could do using their incredible talents, and find modes on how they could get on. This work included to call friends and managers, labels by the help of biodaddy Otti's Jazz musicians connections. It was very nice then to realize, that some highly talented guys came to the club and things worked. Things worked in a way to make them winners in society.
Nowadays, I feel relaxed and experienced enough to tell their start - up stories. Maybe I find some old fotos with friends. 
[... to be continued ...]
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