Onipaa Jaisu Imprisoned 2017.1


"President Mandela was in prison
For twenty add years (eh-eh)
And he leave from the prison
And take the seat of the president (stoned one)"
(Culture - One Stone)
Lucky Eke aka Onipaa Jaisu is in prison since August 15th, 2017. 
August 15, 2017: He was in a place something like Burggasse, and called, that he would return to the house around 6pm. Before Onipaa wanted me to come there, revoking a small time later. He called to tell me, that he would go out now - from the house - with some other people, coz I was not there. He called in the nite (10:53pm), that he would be in a place he doesn't know. He said in this phone call he is in prison, that they would bring him to Rossauer Laende the next day and that he would have to stay there for 18 days. He didn't tell me the reason commenting it with "a crime is a crime". Onipaa's voice fails. His voice sounds crying, piano, babbling some words.  
August 16, 2017; 8:55am: Onipaa calls to tell me shortly, they would bring him to Rossauer Laende. He says, he would need money there. His voice sounds shaking, then a little better when mentioning the money claim. 


August 16, 2017: I pack some clothes to bring and hear, why Onipaa is in prison. Additionally, he would have to sign a warranty paper for an appointment with aide woman. I step into this door, and wait what would happen. I introduce myself and ask to help me, they offer to deliver the warranty for signature, and the clothes. At the same time, they copied ID and bank card, which I needed for his money. I claim to see Onipaa and learn the reason, why he would be in prison at Rossauer Laende 9, Vienna 1090. The police officers say, they don't know, and that they wouldn't be informed about it. I object, that there must be a given reason and paper about why he was imprisoned. Onipaa lives in my house, and of course I need to know the reason/accusation. I interpose, that Lucky Eke aka Onipaa Jaisu needs special medication to live refering to Notarzt/emergency medic in the house sunday nite. They inform me then, I could see him Saturday from 12:30pm on, when visitors would be allowed for human beings whose name starts with letter E. He would need shoes and money, the officers say, and that he would be allowed to call anytime. I remember, I ask, if he had an energy cable for the phone. This was not clear, but I thought somebody in that prison would have one.
Then I go to old man and tell him. He finds things funny, too. I search for contacts. I realize, I feel worse and think of going to the hospital in reconvalescene time recovering from surgery.
August 17, 2017; 5.16pm: Onipaa calls, that he has a problem and babbles to get his medication. Presumably, an officer takes the phone and asks about what kind of medication Onipaa would need. He didn't get medical treatment until this time. I listed it, and send SMS in the following. I noted four previous calls, then. 
I contact friends and write a letter with facts like in a memory protocol, send it per EMail double 6:50pm.
August 18: Onipaa calls 10:01am for his money. I answer, I was informed, that this aide woman was sick and not there, like the day before. Medic would be there from 2pm, when I could fetch his medicine. 
About Onipaa Jaisu
Onipaa Jaisu made music with many artists in Prater, Donauinsel and Neue Donau. He employs in music and dance as in his life completely integrated cultural elements. He synthesizes sound, song, rhythm and movement of current sensivities, as well as existing code thousands of years old. He practices dance and singing in private, among his friends or in public. His percussion thrills his audience, as does the lyric in his dance. The oeuvre of his voice and his style move his guests, his friends and listeners emotionally. Onipaa Jaisu sends his surroundings on a visionary journey and connects continents, time and human society in a unique universal ductus of artistic performance. His career as an artist started in West Africa, with Fela Kuti a longer time ago. He stated, his problem in Vienna was and is to find musicians to make music.

Please send your support to
EKE Lucky
IBAN AT36 6000 0101 1023 7044

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